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SN95 Ford Mustang Polycarbonate Window Kits

SN95 Ford Mustang Polycarbonate Window Kits

PriceFrom $130.00
Excluding Sales Tax

SN95 Ford Mustang polycarbonate window kits (standard polycarbonate  not scratch resistant).

These window kits do NOT come with the black trim painted border.


A 5 pc kit includes the following, all 5 windows 1/8" thickness

*(2 ) oem style door windows

*(2) quarter panel windows

*(1) trunk window


A 6pc standard kit includes the folllowing windows all 1/8" thickness

*(2) oem style door windows

*(2) quarter panel windows

*(1) trunk window

*(1) windshield 1/8"


"Fast guy 6pc kit" includes all 6 windows but with a 3/16" thick clear windshield (recommended for high MPH cars)

*(2 ) oem style door windows

*(2) quarter panel windows

*(1) back window

*(1) clear windshield 3/16" thick


*Door windows are sold in pairs

*Quarter panel windows are sold in pairs

*3/16" thick windshields are only available in clear


*Contact us through email, or by phone, with any questions, or concerns you may have.


**Prices listed are before shipping charges have been applied, click the option you desire, then add to cart for shipping quote.**


***Single windows available also just email, or call for pricing on which windows you are looking for.***


    The SN95 Ford Mustang polycarbonate window kits listed is for standard polycarbonate, 1/8" thick. Window kits  are cut to factory oem size glass to insure fitment. These windows are flat, not molded but get oem look and curvature when installed properly. Oem molding can be used if customer chooses to use moldings (some slight modifications may be needed in some applications). All installs are left up to the customers, since every application is different, and customers have different way's of mounting.


    1. All orders are custom made to order.

    2. All sales are final.

    3. No returns, or refunds, unless a problem has occured on our end.


    Allow 3-5 business days for shipping. All orders are shipped with insurance on the package to cover any shipping issues.

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